Rae & Henry - 65 Alma Tce, Newport Rae & Henry - 65 Alma Tce, Newport

Rae & Henry – 65 Alma Tce, Newport

We are incredibly happy with having chosen Sam Wilson to be our real estate agent and highly recommend her. We had come across Sam at multiple home opens we attended when we were looking to purchase our next family home. We were struck by her friendly yet professional manner and were impressed by her presentation and knowledge of the market each time we met her. We were unfortunate in that we were unsuccessful buying any of the properties she had listed, as they were always presented so beautifully and they were very popular with other potential buyers and they always sold for well above market value! When it came time for us to choose an agent to list our house, Sam was the first person we thought of and the first person we phoned. She immediately made a time to come around to meet us and impressed us by what she could offer us as our agent. The most striking thing we noticed about Sam having only ever come across her in a setting which her personable nature was her standout attribute was that her professionalism and expertise seemed to be second to none. It was a very easy decision to go with Sam and certainly didn’t look back!