Caroline - 47 Pasco St, Williamstown Caroline - 47 Pasco St, Williamstown

Caroline – 47 Pasco St, Williamstown

It is a pleasure to write a review for our beautiful agent Sam Wilson; beautiful because she has built a personal relationship with us, from the first day, and beautiful because she is very generous, looking carefully after us and our house during the full procedure (prior to- and during the marketing campaign). Sam is so well organized, she never forgets anything, sending us little reminders when needed and keeping us updated very regularly about the market and potential buyers. Sam understood our goals very quickly and came up with a clever commission scheme that suited all of us. She also did an amazing job at managing the offer we got prior to auction, explaining us very clearly the risks of the various options that we got, and we followed her advice to accept it and organize a pre-auction bidding process with all interested buyers (only one day to set it all up, and Sam was amazing throughout this procedure). As a result, we exceeded our goals and reached an amazing outcome. We are so proud of Sam and the way she handled everything, very smoothly and efficiently! The best agent!