Scott W – 1/76 Woods St, Newport

My contact Nikita was a pleasure to work with. She made the whole process as seamless as possible and was there with a clear and concise answer to all of...READ MORE

Sheryl P – 1/9 Gilda St, Maidstone

I just wanted to thank Nakitta & Lehna for their help organising our first rental property. Especially Nakitta for her patience & always updating me about my application. Time has been...READ MORE

Renee P – 1/3 Eldridge St, Footscray

  It has been fantastic dealing with Kate and Nakitta. Really caring, warm and all round lovely. Most importantly, listen to what you need. Highly recommend.READ MORE

Neeraj L – G06/699C Barkly St, West Footscray

Kate and Nakitta – hats off to you both for making it absolutely stress free to rent a property amidst this pandemic. Loved the way you both work, professional yet...READ MORE