Small Housing With Big Storage Smarts On-Trend Small Housing With Big Storage Smarts On-Trend

Small Housing With Big Storage Smarts On-Trend

Have you noticed tiny homes are all the rage right now?

Like hordes of others I am more than slightly intrigued by this latest global housing trend.

Tiny Homes – yes, capital T and capital H – have fan bases, owner associations and their own reality TV programs.

In the US, for example, there are even Tiny House conferences and villages dedicated to housing the homeless.

Here in Melbourne do not expect to see a 10-square-metre dwelling pop up next to your house in the suburbs.

Local councils don’t really know how to classify these petite abodes – yet.

It was reported in Leader Newspapers in 2015 that they commonly treat them just like houses when it comes to building permits. As far as I know, nothing has yet changed.

So why am I talking about micro-mansions?

Well, aside from their wow factor (their owners sure do arguably create some pretty novel space-saving solutions!) they do generate ideas about how to get more out of established housing space.

Biggest may not be best when faced with the reality of living in a popular and growing city such as Melbourne.

While I do not see myself ‘downsizing’ to a 10 metre by 10 metre house any time soon, I do commend properties built or renovated with intelligent design for showing us how to get more out smaller land sizes and/or budgets.

Multi-functionality is definitely something today’s market seeks, which is why pint-sized properties packed with clever storage features almost always prove super popular with buyers.

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Greg Hocking