Selling In Spring? Consider Your Street Appeal Selling In Spring? Consider Your Street Appeal

Selling In Spring? Consider Your Street Appeal

With August upon us, we’re starting to book spring auctions across our network. If you’re considering selling in spring, now’s the perfect time to give it some serious thought – taking a planned and proactive approach will ensure your property makes a real impact.

We’ve all heard the standard tips – declutter, consider repainting the entrance and high traffic areas, address any small repairs. But what can you do to really wow would-be buyers and ensure that your home truly stands out?

Take a critical look at your home from the street. Most potential buyers will do a “drive by” before they decide to attend an inspection – put yourself in their shoes and check that you’re building a positive impression from the footpath. (Many of our vendors find that it’s easier to dissociate themselves from their homes by snapping a quick photo and reviewing this away from home).

Paint your front fence and ensure that your gate opens and closes freely (and without creaking). Pull any weeds, mow the lawn and neaten your edges, and consider a fresh layer of bark or mulch in garden beds.

Clear and clean your front porch, windows and doors. A simple bench seat or some ‘potted colour’ can bring the front of your house to life.

If driveways and paths have collected mould over winter, a quick clean with a high pressure hose will make a huge difference. Keep your rubbish bins and any bikes or kids toys hidden in the garage or down the side of the house.

The Greg Hocking team are experts at working with you to maximise your home’s street appeal. Call us today for tailored advice on preparing your home for sale this spring.

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