You don’t have to own a property for it to feel like home.We have an outstanding selection of properties for rent in Melbourne, suitable for all demographics.

Explore the listings below and if the right property appears, contact our agents for more information and to organise a viewing.

We have a vast selection of family homes, apartments and town houses for rent, boasting character, contemporary style and features so fitting to life in Melbourne. Whether you’re a family, a couple, or single and looking for a studio, we’ll ensure you find the perfect place to call home.

Finding the right rental property for your desired living situation can be time consuming and tedious. Our skilled team of real estate agents throughout Melbourne are experts when it comes to the ins and outs of renting a property. We understand that all tenants are unique, and we’ll strive to ensure your individual needs are met by finding the property that’s right for you.

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We’re here to provide ongoing guidance and support throughout the initial rental process and your time as a tenant at the property. We are knowledgeable on the properties in our listings, have close ties with the property owners and strive to act as a reliable means of communication for both parties.

We ensure tenants receive comprehensive clarification of terms in their specific rental agreement, including deposit details, clauses and terms and conditions. Renting can be straightforward and convenient with help from a team that knows the property market in Melbourne like no one else.

Find the property that fits perfectly with your lifestyle, and know your entire journey as a tenant will be seamless thanks to the agents at Greg Hocking.

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