What’s my property worth

Greg Hocking | What’s my property worth

Looking to sell or just keen to know what your property is worth?

Whether you bought three or 33 years ago, it’s a good idea to understand the current market value of your property.

At Greg Hocking, we offer comprehensive market appraisal reports based on comparable sales of similar properties in the local area – free of charge. Using data from CoreLogic – the world’s leading property information group – we’ll provide you with detailed local market information in a format that’s simple and easy to understand.

Of course, ultimately your property is worth what someone is willing to pay for it!

Because we’re local market experts, we have a thorough understanding of the types of buyers who are looking in the area, where to find them and how to motivate them to make an offer or place a bid. Our agents are skilled at negotiating the highest price for our vendors and committed to achieving great results.

To find out what we believe your property is worth in today’s market, please fill in the details below and we’ll be in touch with your free report.