Labour Day The Value Of Work, Rest And Play Labour Day The Value Of Work, Rest And Play

Labour Day The Value Of Work, Rest And Play

Labour Day is one of my favourite public holidays in Victoria.

It falls in my favourite season of autumn, which still offers twilight and often warm days with sunny skies but cooler nights.

It falls on the iconic Moomba Festival long weekend of celebrations and activities in and around the Yarra River.

People are out, relaxing. It makes for a very upbeat atmosphere in our suburbs and neighbourhoods.

But in honour of the weekend – and many will be using it to get away from daily life – do you know why we have Labour Day?

I did some research and discovered it stems from the ‘eight hour’ labour movement.

Workers advocated Australians adopted workdays made up of eight hours’ work, eight hours’ play and eight hours’ rest.

This blue-collared group won the day, and so our annual Labour Day was born.

On reflection, for me, we are celebrating in 2017 what can be achieved when we have a goal and work together to achieve it.

Australia is a country of people who like to work hard so we can earn the right to play hard.

Perhaps that is another reason we value our real estate purchases – they represent a ‘job well done’.

As any successful real estate buyer will know, buying property seldom happens by chance.

It is the end-result of focused hard work over time, often years, clear goals and a support team of expert professionals.

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Greg Hocking