Is Selling In Winter Right For You? Is Selling In Winter Right For You?

Is Selling In Winter Right For You?

Winter has certainly arrived with a vengeance, with Melbourne shivering through some particularly chilly nights. In fact, the cold snap has been so pronounced that Mount Buller opened a week prior to the expected start of the snow season.

I’m often asked about the merits of selling during winter, and my response has been consistent for years now – I think the days of a “sell in spring, wait in winter” mentality are behind us. So long as interest rates remain low and buyer demand stays strong, I can’t foresee that a drop in temperature will have any tangible impact on our market.

Certainly, if your property is one that enjoys great winter sunshine or has a spectacular open fireplace, winter is a fantastic time to highlight these features. Similarly, if your home can be a little chilly and dark, pull back the curtains and turn on the lights and heating to ensure it feels as warm and cosy as possible. Whatever the season, our team can work with you to ensure your home is presented in the most appealing way.

One aspect that we’re watching with interest is the impact of the removal of stamp duty for first home buyers spending less than $600k from 1 July. We’ll share some thoughts on this in our next newsletter, but historical trends suggest that buyers generally spend this ‘saving’ by adding it to the purchase price they’re prepared to pay.


If you’re thinking of selling soon, call us to get the ball rolling with a free appraisal.

Greg Hocking