How to simplify your house move How to simplify your house move

How to simplify your house move

There’s nothing like packing up your house for a big move to increase stress and diminish your bank account. Luckily, there are ways to make The Big Day easier.

Even though moving house is consistently ranked as one of life’s most stressful events, it doesn’t need to be so.

At Greg Hocking, we pride ourselves on partnering with you throughout the entire moving process. We want your experience with us to be memorable for all the right reasons. We’ll do everything we can to ensure a hassle-free experience from securing your next home to moving in and beyond.

Budget and plan

Expect more expense than you bargain for and ensure extra funds are available for unlooked-for issues. Reliable removalists are crucial. These people will be in charge of your most precious items, possibly for days. Ring several companies for quotes – remembering the cheapest quote is often not the best – and ask friends and family for recommendations. Make an inventory of your furniture and items plus how many packing boxes you have – with a rough guide as to what’s in them – and give the list to the removalists as well. This will help if they lose any items.

Utility options

Ensuring your electricity, gas, water, even the internet or pay-TV at your new home will be good to go as soon as you move in, will require plenty of calls to providers, well before you move. To make this part of the process as stress free as possible, Greg Hocking Client Services can arrange your connections for you.

Packing and pets

Your bank account will be thankful for friends’ free assistance when packing. Also, ask these people if they have spare boxes or check with local retailers. Packing up is a great time to declutter and can bring in much-needed cash if you sell unwanted items or save on your removalist and storage budget. Don’t forget your furry friends on The Big Day either. A nearby new property may not make the adjustment as scary but more remote homes will require assistance from pet removalist companies. Aim to have your pet stay with a friend on moving day to lessen their stress, bearing in mind, it will take several days or more for them to adjust to the move.

And when you’ve moved…

The Big Day is always exhausting, even if everything goes smoothly. Prepare for this by having a “must-have now” box close at hand with items such as coffee, cups and a kettle; basic bedroom and bathroom objects; and any medication you need.

If you’d like to know more about how to make your move as smooth as possible, speak to your local Greg Hocking office or contact client services directly to discuss your pending move.