Easter - A Time To Reflect Easter - A Time To Reflect

Easter – A Time To Reflect

Easter is a precious time to reflect and, if lucky, spend time with our loved ones.

I do hope you have been able to unwind these past few days as we pass the half-way mark of autumn 2017.

This year sure waits for no-one.

The real estate industry also took a short breather this long weekend compared to recent weeks when 1,000s of auctions have taken place.

We still held more than 100 auctions across our suburbs – and almost 83% of them sold – but my colleagues and I did manage to see our families this weekend before we start auction preparations for May and this slightly quieter time got me thinking.

What makes a good family home in today’s world?

When you stop and relax in your own property – whether that is a five-bedroom mansion in a prestigious suburb, a one-bedroom rental apartment, or something in between – you do review its perks and pitfalls.

And it is from this occasional mental audit that we make decisions about our living arrangements.

Are we still happy where we live? If not, is it time to turnover our properties?

Some of us are at stages of life when downsizing makes sense. Others want to make that all important first move and buy.

But wherever we stand, and whatever we do, I do feel fortunate to live in a city offering properties of all sizes, price points and designs.

In a world with some uncertainly right now, Melbourne is one very special hometown.

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Greg Hocking