Can I Change Property Manager Mid-Lease? Can I Change Property Manager Mid-Lease?

Can I Change Property Manager Mid-Lease?

I’ll often speak with investors who complain that their property manager is just going through the motions. They’re usually quite surprised when I mention that they can change property manager at almost any point during a lease if they’re not satisfied with the service they’re receiving.

Some common property management complaints are:

  • My property manager never answers the phone, and usually takes days to return my call
  • I receive my rent on a different date each month
  • My property manager doesn’t provide guidance with regards to reviewing rent
  • I often have to follow up to get a response to my emails
  • Routine inspections only happen when I ask, and I don’t get thorough feedback
  • Request for repairs and maintenance aren’t dealt with promptly

Your rental property is one of your largest assets, so if you don’t feel that your property manager is up to scratch, it’s time to make a change. A good property manager will take a proactive approach to managing your property, guiding you on maximising rent while holding on to good tenants, making low-cost, high-impact improvements to boost your property’s appeal, and providing thorough feedback about its condition after each inspection.

It’s actually fairly simple to change property managers. In Victoria, the managing authority only holds a landlord to an agent they’ve appointed until the property is leased. After this, a landlord can take the property to any other agent, at any time, without penalty.

If you’re considering changing property managers, the team at Greg Hocking can work with you to make the switch quick and painless – with no awkward calls to your existing property manager required. We’ll look after the paperwork, collect the files from your old agency and let your tenant know that they have a new property manager.

At Greg Hocking, we’re here to make owning an investment property rewarding and hassle-free. Contact your local office today for more information about making the switch.